Hmong Narratives

In the eyes of the Hmong elders, cultural retention is the key to the continued existence of the Hmong identity. The Hmong tradition is the knowledge of self, family, and community.


Stories of the Hmong identity radiates in the community of Washington Park Neighborhood in the City of Milwaukee, where many Hmong Americans are trying to rebuild their lives. Displaced into a urban landscape the stories of the Hmong began to converge with Whites, African Americans, and Mexicans, creating a restructuring of the Hmong identity where traditions and practices are constantly changed according to the experiences of each individual.


This project is a multimedia art project that includes a remix of photography, documentaries, poetry, and soundscapes finalizing into a memorial space for the Washington Park Neighborhood. The projects aims to bring out the cultural landscapes of the Hmong, acting as a connective thread to tie the Hmong journey in Washington Park to the foundation story of the American identity. That it is true that Hmong is continually being impacted by America, but also are impacting American landscapes through weaving the Hmong stories into the fabrics of America.